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Keynote Speaker Sessions

Upon registration for the No More Harm Virtual Summit Replay - you will recieve and email with a link to a google drive to view and download the content. 

The content will be available for 30 days only! See below to view which Keynote Speaker presentations you will have access to view. 

Keynote Speakers

Richard Deutsch | CEO Deloitte Australia

Richard Deutsch became Deloitte Australia’s CEO and a member of the Deloitte Asia Pacific Executive in 2018. He was previously the Managing Partner of Deloitte Australia’s Audit & Assurance practice. Richard has a deep passion for culture, values and nurturing an inclusive environment in which all people can thrive while upholding the standards of the professional services profession. He truly believes that a strong, unique and inclusive culture will help people be their best selves and solve our clients’ varied and most complex problems. Richard is a member of the Male Champions of Change, the Climate Leaders Coalition and the Business Council of Australia. Richard has a profound understanding of social licence and the role of corporations in society. He is passionate about supporting organisations that have an impact on those in need. He was previously a Board Director of Adara Group for nine years, and Chair of OzHarvest for 5 years to January 2020. A graduate of Sydney University, Richard joined Deloitte in 2015. He loves all forms of sport, particularly running and skiing and has completed 21 marathons. 

Professor Michelle Tuckey | Centre for Workplace Excellence | University of South Australia

Michelle’s research focuses on designing mentally healthy workplaces that are resistant to workplace bullying and occupational stress. Her research advances the risk management of bullying as a work health and safety hazard, including evidence-based practical tools and interventions to diagnose and minimise the organisational risks for bullying. Michelle’s other research interests relate to creating an organisational climate that supports mental health, promoting high-quality leadership to support well-being at work, and harnessing mindfulness at work. Michelle serves on the editorial board, as guest editor, or reviewer for several international scholarly journals in the field of occupational health psychology. In addition to her academic publications, Michelle’s research has been applied in a range of organisations and by work health and safety regulatory bodies nationally and internationally, and was cited in the recent South Australian Parliamentary Inquiry into bullying and fatigue in healthcare.

Michael Schneider | Managing Director | Bunnings Australia and New Zealand

Michael Schneider was appointed Managing Director Bunnings Australia and New Zealand in March 2016. Since joining the business in 2005, he has led Store Operations teams across Australia and New Zealand. Before joining Bunnings, Michael held a range of senior operational, commercial and human resources roles across regional and national markets, both in retail and financial services businesses.

Mike is passionate about the mental health and wellbeing of his team, encouraging open communication, actively driving conversation around resilience and taking a no tolerance approach to bullying. He is known for his collaborative, genuine and honest leadership style. He believes that team members’ ability to connect with customers and the local community is key to the business’ success and that this requires an ongoing investment in building the best team as well as creating a culture that builds trust, inspires action, develops people and drives performance.

Sarah McCann-Bartlett | Chief Executive Officer | Australian HR Institute

Sarah McCann is the incoming Chief Executive Officer of the Australian HR Institute. She has extensive, global experience in membership and trade bodies and has held senior roles across a variety of sectors in Australia, the UK and the USA.

Sarah was Director General (CEO) of the British Constructional Steelwork Association from September 2011 to December 2019. In this role, she established a new sector apprenticeship programme, created a new market development programme to drive market share gains for constructional steelwork, and drove rapid growth of the group’s certification arm.

Previously, Sarah held a number of senior executive positions at the Victorian Building and Plumbing Industry Commissions, including as Deputy Commissioner. She helped lead the Commissions’ response to the February 2009 bushfires, and developed and implemented a shared Corporate Services model between both Commissions, including developing and leading strategies to drive the change process.

Sarah has also held roles representing and supporting the Australian wool industry with the Australian Wool Corporation and its successor The Woolmark Company in Melbourne, the UK and New York where she held the role of President and Group Manager, Americas. Sarah holds Commerce and Arts degrees from the University of Melbourne, an MBA from Monash University, and postgraduate qualifications in marketing. She is a Fellow of the UK Institute of Directors. Sarah lives in Melbourne with her husband and 12-year-old son, and their three dogs.

Grace Skrzypiec | Senior lecturer in the College of Education, Psychology and Social Work.

Grace Skrzypiec has founded and leads the Global Research Alliance (, which comprises established researchers from 18 different countries. The vision of the Alliance is to work together to improve the lives of young people everywhere using evidence from data collected through a collaborative global research process. Currently the Alliance is studying the impact of the COVID-19 lockdown on middle school students in different world regions, having just completed the first phase of a large peer aggression and well-being study. 

Grace Skrzypiec’s current drive is to uncover the many facets of peer aggression and bullying to reveal how they impact students during their primary and high school years academically as well as socially, and how such experiences impact subsequent adult interactions, including domestic violence. Through her research, teaching and policy development, Grace Skrzypiec aims to facilitate a more thorough understanding of bullying and aggression so that the negative effects can be remedied prior to adulthood. 

Jelena Dokic | Former World No. 4 Tennis Player | Commentator | Speaker

Jelena Dokic has had a storied and well-documented life and tennis career both on and off the court. With a stellar playing career which included defeating then World Number 1, Martina Hingis at the age of 16. Her rapid ascent through the world ranking was marred by her off-court struggles.

Jelena has penned the best-selling autobiography ‘Unbreakable', a book which details her career and her life. In the book, she details the struggles of being a refugee, dealing with poverty, racism, bullying, and discrimination. She also talks about the physical and emotional abuse she suffered for over 20 years at the hands of her father which started when she was just six years old. She also talks about dealing with heavy depression and almost committing suicide.

Jelena now pours her efforts into commentary as one of the key voices for Nine Network’s coverage of the Australian Open. She is also a motivational speaker speaking on topics which include resilience, mental health and empowerment.