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The AAFIE Award for Youth Multimedia

Tell us from (you)th

Do you work in an alternative school or flexible learning program that changes the way schooling is provided to better suit young people for whom traditional schooling approaches have not worked well?

Then this is a fabulous opportunity for your young people to tell us what is great about your program! This is part of the Doing School Differently Conference, hosted by AAFIE.

See information for your young people (and you!) below.


We’re inviting teams of young people from flexible and inclusive learning programs/schools to create a multimedia presentation to showcase your ideas. We know traditional education doesn’t work well for everyone so we would love to see what type of learning inspires you.


Here’s the deal:

  • Work together as a team of young people from an alternative school or flexible learning program, and with support from a staff member.
  • Create a multimedia presentation to tell us what is special and fabulous about how your school or program ‘does school differently’.

Then what?
The staff member from your school/program needs to give permission for us to show your creation:

  • On screens at the Doing School Different (DSD) conference in Adelaide on 30 June - 01 July 2022, where it will be seen by people who work in or support the flexible and inclusive education sector. and/or
  • On the DSD website, Facebook and the AAFIE website and Facebook, both before and after the conference.

Each creation that has permission to be shown at the DSD conference will also automatically be entered for the inaugural AAFIE awards for youth multimedia.

The “AAFIE” award recognises multimedia presentation that have both:

  • outstanding creativity (but not necessarily ‘slick’), and
  • an important message from young people about what you say works well for ‘doing school differently’.

The winners will be announced at the Doing School Differently 2022 Conference, and their creations will be shown to all the delegates at a special screening during the conference. All young people who contributed to a winning creation will be sent an award certificate. Most of all – you will win bragging rights about having won an AAFIE award!



Technical specs:

  • You can use any form of technology or equipment to create your work
  • A few ideas could include a video, a powerpoint presentation, a photo, photo series, animation, or anything else that you can think of
  • If using a slideshow or video make sure it runs by itself (i.e. no need for a person to click through it!)
  • You’re welcome to include audio
  • Please include one still frame (e.g. image or screenshot) of your creative works. 

Please export using the following dimensions:


Please send with the following:
- MP4 or mov. Format
- Recommended size 1290 x 720 pixels
- Time 90 seconds or less

Please send with the following:
- JPEG Format
- Portrait or Landscape are welcome
- Individual photo or photo series (no more than 5 images)

Please send with the following:
- If animated/audio/slideshow save as MP4. Format
- Widescreen Format
- Use standard fonts (no downloaded fonts)
- Maximum of 8 slides or 90 seconds


What to submit:

  • The creation made by the team (i.e. your video/ photo/ PowerPoint or any other creative content)
  • A JPEG file of a single image – ie a screenshot or still frame – that captures the essence of your piece.
  • The completed application form (hyperlink)

How to submit:

If your creation is a small file:

  • You can email these through together with the single image and the application form to

If your creation is a large file:

  • Send your multimedia work together with the single image and the application form through WeTransfer:
  • Step 1. Go to
  • Step 2. Click add files and upload the relevant pieces
  • Step 3. In ‘email to’ box enter
  • Step 4: Enter your own email address
  • Step 5: In ‘message’ add in ‘DSD multimedia award application’
  • Step 6: Click Transfer and that’s it!

All submissions must be uploaded by 12pm on Thursday 8 April 2022. Please click HERE to download your application form. 


Terms and Conditions.

  • One entry per team of young people.
  • Each school/program may have multiple teams submit a multimedia creation, but each creation needs to be submitted separately, accompanied by this form completed for that specific creation.
  • A staff member must authorise the creation to be shown at the DSD Conference 2022 and/or the website and Facebook page for both DSD and AAFIE.
  • It is the responsibility of staff at the school/program to ensure they have photo / video permission for public display for all young people shown in the creation.
  • In the unlikely event of a concern about your submission, DSD and AAFIE have the right not to publicly show a creation.
  • The decisions by the award judges are final.